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Rec Carpet Host  for Lucha Vavoom  - you can also hear me Sunday Nights on 95.5FM KLOS on the Frazer Smith Show 

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Thank you for visiting my website. You probably just met me hosting an event or watching me perform comedy at your local comedy club, bar or maybe even in holding at a Police Station awaiting bail. Either way, I'm a comedic host. If you have an upcoming event where you need someone to come help "break the ice", I'm your gal. From singing Happy Birthday or Zappo Verde to Improv with the crowd or hosting your event Academy Award Style with Comedic Improv Timing and Flair, hosting your event will leave your audience laughing and talking about it at the Office Water Cooler. Feel free to look around here or go back to Google, type my name and stalk me there. Also - don't forget to add me on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat - it will let you know when I'm hosting an event or performing at your local comedy club and it definitely  helps with my credit score in entertainment so know I appreciate your like, follow, comment or share. Also in case you feel like you're seeing double on TV - yes, thats me currently on the TNT Hit Show ANIMAL KINGDOM with Ellen Barkin. I tried keeping the secret under wraps, but yes I also Clark Kent to Superman from a Comedic Host to an Actress...who woulda known eh? Well Animal Kingdom is not the only acting I've done. In fact - I've been acting for a few years in several skits and independent movies where I either play a chola, a mother or a wife...I'm still awaiting to play a dead corpse on CSI or something where they investigate how I died from eating Tacos at the Tijuana Border but they found me at McDonalds on the US side for the whole episode but all in due time. For now, enjoy the pictures, links and calendar and hopefully we meet up some day. Don't forget to ask for your selfie with me and tag me #taniaestrada

Onstage with the Great Art Laboe waving to the fans of Repo Radio

Onstage with Radio Legend Art Laboe

The only man in the world that forgets to turn around and watch me walk away

Tania Estrada Ellen Barkin Yuly Micelles & Celia Febles on Animal Kingdom Season 3

Animal Kingdom with Ellen Barkin

Sometimes it pays to be locked up a few months....

Acting Reel

Check out my acting reel where I show my range from a Chola to a Mom to your Sofia Vergara Peggy Bundy Type to a Pissed Off Puerto Rican Girlfriend

YO YO YO Podcast interview with martin & hooter moreno

Check out this candid in depth interview about life before entertainment

Red carpet hosting for lucha vavoom

Valentines Day will never be the same when I try to match up singles at Lucha Vavoom


Check me out at The Ice House in Pasadena as I review my ticket ordering skills when I decide to watch Black Panther in Alhambra, the Asian Capital of Los Angeles for my own safety.

Hosting West Coast Summer fest

Check out Anthony Biscotti and I as we welcome Fellow La Puentians to enjoy West Coast Summer Fest at the Industry Hills Expo Center for B-Reals Birthday with Snoop Dogg

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